The value and charm of a small town, the joy of time

The right location and reasonable room rates are again the two most important factors in choosing a property for the event, according to a recent study by Destination Hotels & Resorts meeting planners. Nearby is the desire for high quality, local dishes. Close to Los Angeles, the affordable prices and restaurant deals with freshly made ingredients VenturaCountyWest meet all three criteria.

In just over an hour from Los Angeles, VenturaCountyWest (Camarillo, Oxnard and Ventura) takes visitors from the hustle and bustle of the city to life without long travel times. "When you reach Camarillo, you are immediately greeted with hectares of farmland and majestic mountain views. You notice you start to relax right away," says Josephine Williams, CEO of the Marriott Camarillo Residence Inn. "VenturaCountyWest is an untapped resource. It has beaches, shopping, wine tasting, everything new and sexy – and you don't have to travel far to get here."


Camarillo, the smallest of the three cities, offers a surprisingly diverse range of meeting places. The Camarillo Ranch House, once owned by one of the founders of the city, can accommodate up to 600 guests for lunch or dinner in manicured front lawn and garden areas and 250 guests in its 5,200-square-foot "Great Red Barn." The Museum regularly organizes a sitting dinner for up to 250 guests in the hangar between World War II destroyers and memorabilia at Kamarillo Airport. Cal State University, the Channel Islands also offers rooms for public and private meetings.

A little further 101 are the cities of Oxnard and Ventura, which offer beaches and mountain scenery for small to large gatherings. "The accommodation and room rates are extremely competitive with all properties to the north or south of us," says David Dreher, director of the River Ridge Residence Inn by Marriott. "Meeting planners may be surprised to learn that VenturaCountyWest has more than 5,100 guest rooms and 200,000 square feet of conference and meeting space."

Locally sourced cuisine

With their proximity to agriculture and the ocean, destination restaurant chefs can choose between fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood. Nikki Newman, the new chef at the Coastal Grill at the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Hotel & Resort in Oxnard, is a recent graft from Colorado. "I'm amazed at the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables that are available throughout the year at VenturaCountyWest. Colorado has a three-month vegetable season," Newman says. "Here we have berries, tomatoes, citrus fruits and all kinds of greens. As the seasons change, I'm excited to incorporate fresh local ingredients into the menu."

Holding an asset

Another highly valued need for meeting planners for trend forecasting is the ability to organize active, adventure and well-being team building activities.

"Because our all-suite hotel is adjacent to River Ridge Golf Club, we attract a lot of regional sales and management teams. Golf is often a part of group activities," says Dreher. "But a new game called FootGolf is gaining traction as a great team-building activity. It is the fastest growing sport in North America and it involves kicking soccer balls in a hole on a specially designed golf course. River Ridge was the first to create a FootGolf course in California It is much cheaper than golf and it takes less time for players to practice more than golf and you do not need experience to play. "

Other popular team building activities include beach volleyball, beach biking, hiking, kayaking, kayaking, surfing, whale watching, kart racing and tours to the Channel Islands. "There are also spa and tennis activities, as well as one of the hottest trends, GPS-powered scooter hunting," says Rebecca Evans, executive director of the Ventura County Lodging Association, which markets VenturaCountyWest. "Each city has its own unique and pleasing features. You can host a year's event in Kamarillo and get a completely different experience in Ventura or Oxnard next year. The same is the friendly and accommodating staff at all of our hotels that make it their goal to provide the best possible service."

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Vacation Holidays in Breckenridge – the first day of skiing

It is snowing outside this November morning. For now, five inches. We stay in a vacation rental home just ten minutes outside of Breckenridge, Colorado. We researched Breckenridge vacation rentals online and selected one of the many homes available. To reduce the number I find, I place the search term in quotation marks for more relevant results. We looked at listings on three pages on Google just as we wanted to buy a home on a real estate agent's website!

It was really interesting to compare house pricing against apartment prices. The condominiums were great and didn't always offer everything we were looking for.

We used PayPal to make a booking to keep our online transaction secure.

It is much more enjoyable to stay at home than in an apartment or hotel. We have a big family and it is really nice if they have access to a real luxury home and they are not so cramped. There are enough bedrooms around and it has that real cozy feel. I studied the relative cost of houses versus apartments and hotels. Although the price of a home was higher per night with more people and the number of rooms needed, the actual cost of the night was much less when renting a house. Think about it at room nights. A four-bedroom house for rent at $ 350 per night is only about $ 85 per night per bedroom. Condo renting for $ 250 with just two bedrooms sounds cheaper, but actually $ 125 per night!

Watching the snow fall while smelling fresh coffee is one of those experiences that will last forever. The children got up all excited. They spend the day at Breckenridge Ski School, one of the best in the country. I know, until we take them in, we won't be able to follow the slopes.

Yesterday Christy Sports rented skis, poles, boots and helmets at the Main Street Hyatt. We had the opportunity to pre-book them online and the landlord owners gave us a special discount. I even got a show pack with the latest ski design!

After entering the four-wheel drive system, which we also booked online, we placed a lot in the Beaver Run lottery with a parking card from our rental home. Our parking lot was literally 25 feet from the ski slope! We chose to ski up to Maggie's ski lift and let the kids go to ski school.

We were able to get to the queue, it's not the time of the holiday yet and head to the top of the mountain. We skied, taking Briar Rose and Cashier all the way to the top of the Beaver Run Resort.

After the second run and the hot chocolate stop, we caught the Peak 8 Superconnect to head to the top of the Peak 8 run. Painting blue, we headed to the Gondola stop to dine in the city parking lot. We took our skis and went to the Blue River Bistro for a leisurely lunch. Their Blue River salads, fish and chips are to die for (not to mention Martini's menu).

Fortified, we went back to the gondola and climbed up to catch the Colorado super chair to the top of the mountain. For the afternoon trips we skied up to Peak 9.

After all the gathering overnight we stored our skis and headed home. After diving in a hot bath to relax those sore muscles, we started planning our trip for tomorrow. Vacation rentals in Breckenridge are really a great way to enjoy Breckenridge skiing.

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Top five ski destinations

Finally, you're ready for the little winter holiday you've been planning for the longest time. All bags are packed and snowboard and skis are ready. There's only one thing left to do – these are the only holidays you have in years, and yet you don't know where to go. Here are the top five ski and snowboard spots you can choose from.

First on the list is Aspen, Colorado. Known as the rich and famous winter resort, Aspen is one of the most famous ski destinations in America. It consists of four connected mountains and has ski slopes with varying levels of difficulty, making it more suitable for skiers of all skill and experience. However, given its popularity among the wealthier crowd, prices could be above average. Some of the hotels you may want to consider while staying in Aspen are Hyatt Grand Aspen and Sky Hotel.

Next up is Stowe, Vermont. If you are looking for picturesque mountain views as you slide down the slopes, Stove is the place to go. A winter paradise on the far side, Stowe boasts the greatest vertical fall. Two resorts in the area are Spruce Park and Mansfield. The area also has over a hundred shopping and restaurants places to cater for tourists looking for a relaxing day out after a long ski day.

With the largest ski area of ​​5,300 acres in Vail, Colorado is also one of the best ski destinations. Called America's favorite winter resort, Wail has the fastest removable quads on a mountain. Apart from skiing, Vail can also do other activities such as balloon flying, dog sled rides, downhill skating and trips to several museums. As a result, Vail has become one of the premiere winter destinations for the whole family.

Next on the list is Lake Louis, Alberta. Known as one of the most beautiful mountain resorts in Canada, it is located in the middle of Banff National Park and has 3 ski destinations namely Lake Louise, Sunshine Village and Mystic Ridge. These resorts are attractive to most skiers because the area has some of the most difficult and challenging slopes.

Rounding out the list is the ski resort known as the world's favorite ski resort, Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia. It has everything the resort wants for every snowboarder, skier and snowboard enthusiast. It also has shops and restaurants that cater to tourists from all over International cuisine is served and the warmth and comfort of the area serves as a nice refuge from the cold, some of the area's Crystal lodge and Summit lodge and spa.

So there you have it, five of the best ski destinations. Hopefully this can help you decide where to go for this well-deserved winter holiday. However, no matter where you decide to go, always be safe and enjoy the freedom of a great winter outdoors.

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Luxury spa and wellness resorts in Rajasthan

Whenever a job is completely taken over and under stress, you only have 2 choices left; stay at home, pamper yourself at work and slip into an unequivocal monotony, or get an early ticket to Rajasthan, a country famous for its rich heritage, luxurious life and huge spa and wellness resorts.

For complete rejuvenation, detoxification and exhilaration it is necessary to blindly indulge in spa and wellness resorts in Rajasthan.

Let's look at some of the finest hotels in Rajasthan that offer their clients the best in class spa and wellness treatments.

1. Tree of Life – Resort & Resort: This is one of the best resorts in Jaipur, away from the city chaos. It offers guests all the comfort they were looking for as well as unparalleled relaxation, beauty and service.

The luxury resort consists of 13 luxurious villas and is just an hour away from Jaipur International Airport.

2. Leela Palace, Udaipur – Overlooking the glittering Lake Pichola, Leela Palace Udaipur strives to provide guests with the highest level of pampering. ESPA's holistic spa allows guests to rebalance their lives and heal their mind, body and soul.

Aromatherapy, hot stone massage, facial spa treatments, pedicure and manicure, Indian head massage etc. There are only a few wellness therapies.

3. Umaid Bhawan Vilas, Jodhpur – Jodhpur's royal residence, Umaid Bhawan Palace provides its guests with a restorative journey of harmony, healing and wellness.

Umaid Bhawan offers many wellness treatments including body scrubs and wraps, Ayurvedic therapies, yoga and meditation as well as several signature procedures such as samattva, Trupti, Chandana etc.

4. Oberoi Vanyavilas, Ranthambore – A beautiful avenue that runs along flower-filled waterways, takes guests to a sun-lit courtyard where they receive the best natural and herbal therapy. The hotel offers rejuvenation rituals for both men and women.

Holistic treatments include massage therapies, body rejuvenation therapies, special baths and local rituals.

5. Raas, Jodhpur – Raas is an altar of tranquility in the chaos of Jodhpur and offers world-class spa treatments known for ethical and sustainable practices. Ila promises to work with the utmost dedication and purest intent, as well as with her meditative practice and carefully selected wild ingredients.

The luxury resort is just about 4.5 kilometers from Jodhpur Airport and is one of the closest resorts to Mehrangarh Fort.

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Wide range of luxury hotels to cheap Geneva hotels – for people of all tastes and budgets

Geneva ranks second after Zurich, Switzerland's largest city and trading capital. These two Swiss cities in the world have considerable potential for entertaining tourists. The WHO and CERN headquarters in Geneva were also the reason for the growing number of tourists worldwide. Travelers usually prefer to stay longer to enjoy all the picturesque beauty of the various attractions in this pure Swiss city. For the sake of enjoyment, the budget cannot be ignored, so usually many travelers prefer cheap hotels in Geneva.

The amazing Swiss city, the ancient building, the wide and clean streets and the amazing architecture are all worth a visit. Many international organizations have made Geneva the right place for their office. The Rhône River, which flows out of Lake Geneva, divides the city into two and offers spectacular views of the city.

Each part of the city is well-equipped with world-class accommodation in Swiss hotels. Zurich, the main German-speaking business and banking center, enjoys the best living standards in the world. Zurich is divided into 12 districts and is a transport hub with a strong road, rail and air network in addition to excellent public transport. Its main feature is that there is no special time for visiting the place, but instead it is a cool and pleasant time all year round. It also offers some exciting entertainment for its visitors, such as rocking nightlife. Niederdorf, Old Town, is famous for its nightlife with its many lounges, restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and more. The place is also famous for sports such as FIFA (International Football Association Federation), Swiss Hockey Championship and many more. the others. All these cultural activities and colorful forms of entertainment have attracted visitors from all over the world and have been a strong partisan in the design of Cheap Zurich Hotels.

Hotels in Switzerland offer great facilities including laundry, private bathrooms, air conditioning and parking and other room services. Switzerland offers a wide range of hotels from luxury hotels to cheap Geneva hotels to suit all tastes and budgets. Great service comfort and elegance await tourists in Swiss hotels. The shopping avenues, traditional entrances and banking culture, several cultural activities are available for guests' entertainment. This mountainous country and its diversity give it a unique identity. It is best known for fine cheeses, decorations, the watchmaking industry, the financial institution, chocolates and the transport network.

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Top 5 UK hotel deals!

These are the five most famous and famous hotels in the UK.

Enclos de l & # 39; Eveche, Boulogne

Considered one of the best hotels in the world, located on the dramatic Boulogne coastline, it offers unparalleled nature adventure with the sea, surf, fish, birds and ferries. Part of a charming old English country with all the comforts, the hotel is in a 19th-century townhouse style; it is huge and it has various themed bedrooms. Among the most popular are Egypt and the Far East.

Les Tourelles, Picardy

Considered to be the most stylish and modern market building in history, this hotel was once home to the famous perfumer Pierre Gerlain. This white and white building overlooks the lavish garden leading to the beach. The Belgian couple are lovingly performing and have a huge bird love that is perfectly placed in the nature of the Somme estuary. This is a relatively inexpensive hotel because you can share amenities and there is even a hostel.

Hotel Jean de Bruges, Picardy

This is another historic hotel, Hotel Jean de Bruges, a fine example of 15th century white stone houses. It is adjacent to a gorgeous abbey church with a charming façade and timeless and simple style. There are many naked stone walls and wooden floors that are maintained in good condition even after more than five hundred years.

Auberge de la Bonne Ide, Picardy

This atmospheric hotel has rich gardens, a forest, and every room has periodic features such as fireplaces and ceilings. Located just an hour from Paris, the world is very popular with diverse and aristocratic families, and the rooms are bright, with open fire and restaurants with the most delicious wine and food.

Clos Raymi, Champagne

This impressive hotel is located in the picturesque surroundings of Champagne. The main building is a white stone and brick building with unofficial layout, yet there is an unparalleled welcoming atmosphere. The hotel has been refurbished in recent years so it has all the modern touch and also has some of the coolest rooms and amenities.

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Tips for Russia: The best hotels in Moscow for comfort and luxury

With the Kremlin and the Red Square, Moscow may not seem very hospitable. However, the Russian capital is home to a variety of impressive cultural destinations and attracts countless visitors each year. As a result, Moscow also has a long list of top hotels that offer high-end services, luxury accommodations and a comfortable, comfortable stay in front of the view. While many Moscow hotels provide a high level of service, the hotels below are some of the best and offer a unique experience.

Metropol Hotel: The Metropol Hotel is centrally located and blends well with the rest of Moscow's architecture as it is an elegant, historic hotel built at the turn of the century. Although completed in 1903, Metropol's interior offers state-of-the-art amenities including a fitness center, internet access and the most up-to-date restaurant. Metropol has set a luxury standard in Moscow and will not disappoint.

Golden Apple Hotel: Another classic hotel is the Golden Apple, housed in a 19th-century mansion. With just 92 rooms, you will surely find the peace and quiet of the Golden Apple, which was unveiled in 2004. With WiFi and a 24-hour business center, guests here tend to be productive rather than party animals, so your stay in this elegant, rich jewel will not be disturbed.

Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel: Marriott is a trusted name for hotels in Royal Aurora that has a reputation for value. Just minutes from the Kremlin, this hotel offers classically inspired architecture, 230 luxurious rooms, elegant furnishings and 24-hour service. Of course, since the Royal Aurora is in central Moscow, you are unlikely to spend much time in your room.

Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel: If what you're looking for is a conveniently located hotel in Hyderabad, look no further than Ararat Park Hyatt. This hotel is considered not only one of the best hotels in Moscow, but also one of the best places to stay in the whole country. This modern, almost absurdly luxurious hotel will stunning you with its high-end interior design, superior comfort and excellent service.

Hotel Mamaison Pokrovka Suite: Mamaison Pokrovka is not unlike any other hotel in Moscow, as it restricts five-star amenities and service. The modern establishment has 84 plus suites with kitchenettes, WiFi and access to an elegant two-story spa. The Mamaison Pokrovka Suite is also ideal for business travelers, with several meeting rooms, all of which are covered in modern elegance.

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The best tourist hotels in Sri Lanka

Once you have decided to take Sri Lanka holidays and enjoy its beauty and exotic charm, you will have to find somewhere to stay. There are some great hotels in Sri Lanka that can be combined in a tailored tour of Sri Lanka. Read about some of our favorites.

Sigiriya Rock is within sight of Jetwing Vill Uyana, where you can enjoy a different lifestyle and truly return to nature while enjoying unparalleled luxury. The hotel is built on wetlands in regenerated farmland and blends into the local area. The rooms themselves are built above the water, which is part of a nature reserve with reed beds and lakes. There are twenty-five different homes in different habitats, including forests, swamps and paddy fields. The total resort is divided into twenty-four acres.

If this is the perfect tranquility that you are looking for in a holiday in Sri Lanka then the Blue Water Wadduwa could be your ideal hotel. Here you can enjoy amazing views of the Indian Ocean, relax under tall palms and wild coconut groves, or stroll along the charming golden beaches. All rooms at Blue Water have terraces or balconies and offer extraordinary comfort and luxury.

If you are looking for a Colombo hotel then your answer could be the Ceylon Continental Hotel. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, this is the perfect place to explore the capital. All rooms are well equipped and include a swimming pool, tennis courts, fitness center and spa.

In this perfect blend of nature and comfort, Bentota's Taj Exotica would be hard to beat. It is located in southern Sri Lanka where you can enjoy relaxing on sunny beaches while gazing at the splendor of the Indian Ocean. The sea and lush gardens can be viewed from all rooms and each has its own private seating.

These are just a few examples of hotel holidays in Sri Lanka, and no matter what your taste and requirements, you are sure to find the perfect one.

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Vail Colorado Ski Resort – The place to have fun!

Your next Vail ski vacation can be as fun and unforgettable as you want. Thousands of ardent skiers and snowboarders descend upon the Rocky Mountains of Colorado each winter, usually as soon as the first snowfall. While some people own their own homes or homes there, others are forced to try to find a rare vacancy unless they book their accommodation months ahead of time. When they have a place to spend their vacation, Vail ski holidays make it easy to find things to do.

The first thing everyone should do when planning a vacation here is to find the right accommodation for your needs. Making a reservation several months before the start of winter is usually a good idea as all the desirable places close to the slopes tend to be booked quite early. Hotel rooms are usually quite easy to find, but if you plan to travel with a larger group or family, you will need to find a co-operative or rental house to comfortably accommodate everyone. Plus, the great thing about renting is that they have kitchens to cook whenever you want. Major resort resorts also have trains that take you straight to the slopes or to the city, making your Vail ski trip more comfortable and relaxing.

Once you've found a place to stay for Vail skiing adventures, the next is to have a great time. Whether snowboarding or skiing is your main business, there are many slopes to choose from. The gentle and gentle slopes are great for beginners to try, or even for the more experienced, who want a little relief. Of course, there are also harder slopes of the black diamond for bolder or more sophisticated attempts. After all, there are several Olympic training areas in the Rocky Mountains, so at least some challenging rides will definitely be required. A Vail ski trip can be both challenging and relaxing.

Vail ski trips can also be quite relaxing if that's what you're looking for. Because of the many five-star hotels and accommodations in the area, there are many full-service resorts to use. In addition to the great and relaxing spa, there are plenty of great restaurants to try out every night of your vacation. There are also some nice little shops to browse or shop, as well as sleigh rides, hot tubs and a cozy fire to eat hot chocolate. Your Vail ski vacation can be one that will last forever.

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Explore Oregon – from Portland to Salem

Oregon's diverse landscapes, from rugged coastlines to cool mountain pine forests, make the most difficult part of visiting Oregon when deciding what to do first! If you work on your golf swing, you'll find miles of lush courses overlooking jaw dropping. For adventurous adventurers, hiking to fields far away from the crowd, but urbanites love to dive into Oregon's dynamic cities.

Between the Equator and the North Pole, the climate of Salem is strikingly Mediterranean, making it an ideal location for outdoor fairs and outdoor activities that bring summer fun and winter festivities to this capital. Adults and children alike enjoy an interactive village inspired by a Salem resident and creator of the Erector Set, known as the A.C. Gilbert Discovery Village. For nature lovers, the Minto-Brown Island Park provides 900 acres of bikes, roller skates or just a stroll down beautiful trails that are within a heartbeat of activities in this modern city that still respects its heritage.

The diverse atmosphere in Portland could be created by the fact that most commercial street ports are top notch beer and / or premium coffee houses, offering plenty of opportunities to wake up and cool down. A stroll through the local rose gardens, thriving in the mild coastal climate, is a favorite way for locals and visitors to enjoy this very eco-friendly city, which seems to instinctively know how to do its best, possibly explaining the brew and see of the abundance. "theaters.

The Columbia and Snake Rivers are the lifeblood of Oregon and entice visitors to ride rapids, fish in quiet pools, or ride horseback on lush and winding coasts. Snaking throughout the state, these snow-fed rivers have provided a natural highway from the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific coast for centuries.

Oregon is changing fast as you move across the countryside. The large mahogany trees along the coast are quite different from the Douglas spruce stands that cover the nearby mountains. Wonderful places like the Multnomah Falls can be seen from the road. However, to experience the unique Devil's Staircase with its countless incoming pools carved in sandstone, you have to climb the desert.

Great leisure time is packed with opportunities to tie on your pack, jump on a bike or grab a fishing rod to try your luck at one of Oregon's famous salmon. Hiking to remote areas leads past spectacular rock formations to crystal clear lakes where native wildlife come to drink.

Even naked golfers are stunned by the magnificent views and manicure courses that charm the Oregon landscape. From exclusive riverfront clubs to friendly public waterways along the seafront, many golfers are reluctant to leave Oregon, muttering, "This is golf as it was meant to be!"

Visitors usually comment on comments and use phrases such as "relaxed atmosphere" and "amazing amenities" to describe even moderate-priced accommodations in our beautiful country. Rich fresh seafood evokes glowing reviews of your favorite sushi bars. There is a lot of poetic sound over local bakeries and romantic patio dinners.

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