Enjoy an unforgettable ski vacation in Keystone, Colorado

Keystone, Colorado offers a great vacation experience with many recreational activities including hiking, horseback riding, ice skating, snowmobile rides and mountain biking. From quality accommodations to great dining and relaxation to a challenging ski experience, Keystone provides everything you need for an unforgettable skiing holiday. Everyone dreams of touching the sky, don't they? If so, […]

Have a great holiday experience – visit Penang

Penang is a prominent city in Malaysia that boasts local delicacies, shopping, leisure, nightlife and attractions. Since I was thinking of a vacation somewhere in South Asia but couldn't decide the exact location, a friend suggested that I visit Penang in Malaysia. On his advice I came to Penang but did not know much about […]

Spring holiday statistics and advertising opportunities from the air

Each spring, millions of students go to different spring holiday destinations during their spring break. They stay in hotels, drink, party and shop. Everyone is in a relaxed mood and positive mind. With so many potential consumers in one mood, there is no better way to effectively and cheaply promote your brand or service from […]