The Adventures of Trasnmitter – Rise Of The Robo Warriors

Hi, I'm going with Zeke's name and the first thing you'll need to know is what a transmitter is and secondly how I got inside one.

It's 2046, but in 2035 the technology has been refined by Yoodle to manipulate dreams to the point where they can start them, end them, script them, and expand them. Simply put, what a person can imagine in real physical life, collaboration with Yodel can manifest in a dream, and they do. Everything through a machine called a; reality transmitter. All you have to do is write your script for whatever you want, program it into the machine, step into the machine, and then experience the best of SUPER VIVID dream life.

Please do not think that this is a dream like the one you had last night, in which you are barely lucrative, that you wake up and forget. These dreams are as vivid as real life and feel like real life because for most people they are even more realistic than life.

For some time, Yoodle has access to information, images, activity, and brainwaves on every single person, place, or something that has ever arisen. Here's how they can present everything in this program that allows the user to be anywhere, to be anyone, to do anything, anytime for as long as they want. Like I said, all you have to do is get in the Jodle machine, hit a few buttons and be off. The machine will then put you to sleep and your journey into the world of your choice will begin there.

So here we are today in 2045, where most working people are no longer taking vacations on new physical land. Rather, they choose to spend a week renting a reality transmitter so they can rest in the home of any celebrity, dead or alive. Or they will spend time with old friends or family who left Earth decades decades ago.

And you can forget about retirement home because more than half of people in retirement age are no longer retiring, they just work their whole lives, buy a car, go to this world and live where they are young again, until they are real state the body escapes, completely avoiding the effects of the aging process.

In this world, almost everyone is striving to accumulate wealth to buy one of these machines, but these are very expensive machines. Brand new, they retail for $ 500,000 and you can buy one used for $ 150,000 to $ 300,000. However, most people take their time at a reality center for anywhere from $ 50 to $ 100 an hour.

Anyway, that's what the transmitters are about, and what we're doing here at Yoodle is constantly striving to improve our functionality and usability. We create all the transmitters in the world and also place them on our network.

You may not believe it, but we also have a strict secret transmitter that influences reality, it is called the master transmitter. If you go into this machine with a programmed script, whatever you experience in the machine happens in real life the moment you experience it. This machine is very powerful and can have dire universal consequences, but only one person in the world is allowed to use this machine so it is never abused.

So, it was just a regular day at my job here in Yodel, except for the fact that I worked twice today because Ronin is on vacation this week. Also, for the same reason, I was left with the task of closing the store I was afraid of. I just wanted to get home on time and be with my family.

The day went by quickly, but just when I was switching off the main transmitter, all the lights went out. I couldn't see anything, but soon I began to hear what sounded like thousands of steps from what looked like a full army of soldiers entering the room. I stood still, fearing what was to come, knowing that it was not a friendly visit. After a few moments, my hands struggled behind my back while handcuffed and blindfolded. I still couldn't say a word, but then I heard him say with a loud boom, "Get out now, there's no time to slow down!" Then I began to hear what sounded like multiple sightings of running at the same time. It was already clear what the purpose of their visit was, they took the main transmitter.

I was standing there thinking about the horror of what these men would do with such a powerful weapon they have. They knew Ronin would stop them, so they were here now.

Within a while, I heard a loud "humming" sound that signaled to me that they had released the main transmitter from its limitations. At that moment, they pulled me out of the room, down the stairs and into a waiting vehicle. The vehicle started moving and driving for what seemed like a day. At some point I fell asleep and seemed to have been transferred to a building by these soldiers. I had only woken up from my head and my bottom was hitting a cold cement floor. Then I suddenly became hyper-anxious when I heard that loud, booming voice again, "so you know how to do this? Let's do it now!", The man then removed the blind from my eyes and what I saw was a manifestation of the most my worst nightmare.

Ronin was in Brazil with Mandy lying on a sandy beach overlooking the crystal blue waters when his watch began to ring. Ronald's Joodle Clock had never popped before, so this was definitely an emergency of the most serious kind.

Ronan sent a message to Zeke, but no response. He sent messages to other executives at Yoodle, but all messages bounced.

Then Ronan turned to Mandy and said, "They got the main transmitter. Someone knew when I would go and get the main transmitter." said Ronan, who looked as if he had just seen a ghost.

"Calm down, I'm sure you'll understand," Mandy said calmly.

"No, I don't calm down, you don't understand, now we have to go back!" shouted Ronin, beginning to roll up his sandy beach towel.

Once unfolded, I saw that I was in a large, one-story building with no windows, and in the middle of the building was the main transmitter, surrounded by 500 American soldiers on each side, acting as security guards.

"Get up," the man said as he hit me on the back.

I got up. Then the men dragged me to the transmitter and held me in front of it.

"Here's the deal, Mr. Zeke, you are helping us achieve our goals with this thing and you are living to see your little family. If you refuse, then you know what will happen," the man said sternly.

"Okay, I'll help as long as you let me see my family again," I replied.

"We'll do a little test here. I want you to cause an explosion at Yankee Stadium right now during a baseball game," the man said.

I started to get nervous, I can't cause the loss of all these lives. I did not know what to do. "I can't do this, too many lives will be lost. Please don't do it," I prayed.

"You will do as you have been told," he said as he rolled me over on his back.

I really had no choice, so I programmed a script in the machine that the plane would crash right in the middle of Yankee Stadium and sit in the machine.

"Just grab me and then hit that red button," I told the man. I sat in the car, the man then tied me up and was at Yankee Stadium watching the match. The kettle crashed, it was a strike. The thunder crashed, a ball. The kettle crashed, then it was a major blow. At that time, an airplane could be seen in the distance, flying very low and coming in our direction. The game stopped, all of a sudden, they went crazy trying to get out of the stadium. When I finally understood it, I heard a loud "crash" and saw smoke rising up and even coming out of the stadium, then woke up.

I got out of the car to see three soldiers looking at their phones and not even paying me any attention. The man then pulled out his phone and waited a while, but nothing happened. "Don't make it, do it again!" the man yelled at me as he grabbed my arm.

"No, sir, look, a plane crashed in the middle of Yankee Stadium, but there were no casualties," said a soldier reading news from his phone.

"NO ACCIDENTS ?!" the man asked angrily.

"I'm sorry," I said, shaking my head, waiting for the consequence.

"Take him away, punish him, and bring him right to the edge of death so we can start working on our plan," the man said.

"No problem, Mr. C," said a soldier as he and another dragged me.

Meanwhile, Ronin was trying to get home but was facing the toughest obstacles. He had left the hotel, but when he and Mandy arrived at the airport, it was a different story. They made their way directly to the airport service center and asked to return home, but were refused.

"No, you don't understand, I have to go home. The world is in danger," pleads Ronin at the airport reception.

"Danger? What are you? Superman?" laughed the agent.

He went on: "Your flight home is not for another four days and you can buy a ticket, but no flight leaves here for another 14 hours."

"And no other options?" asked Ronin.

"There are no other options," the agent said.

"All right," said Ronin, disappointed but determined.

Then Ronin turned to Mandy and said, "Aunt, 14 hours, enough time for anyone with a master transmitter to make God know what in the world."

"So what are you going to do?" Mandy asked

"Now I have to find a way out …" Ronin answered firmly.

As Ronin and Mandy stood in front of the flight information screen, he came up with a plan.

"Mandy, if we can get to Canada, we'll be fine," Ronin said.

"What?" Mandy asked.

"Just follow my lead," Ronin said as he dropped all the luggage and grabbed Mandy's hand.

"But what about our luggage and souvenirs?" Mandy asked.

"I'd like to think that saving the world is more important than these things," Ronin said as he began leading Mandy to Door 45, planning to ignore all calls from anyone who tried to stop him.

When they finally reached port 45, the intercom's voice said, "last call for flight 705a to Montreal." The last adult man got up to get through the gate, but before he could make it, Mandy and Ronin burst straight through the gate and into the tunnel and boarded the plane. They quickly found a pair of empty seats to the back and lowered themselves low.

While Ronin was trying to get home, he was beating me. I was kept in a black room on the ground and two soldiers were hitting me up and down with something that looked like some kind of bamboo stick. All I know is that I was dizzy, did not feel my feet and could barely see.

"The next time the boss asks for something from you, better hand it over to the last detail," said a soldier.

"Okay … OK," I said, barely able to speak.

The door opened.

"Enough!" said Mr. C at the top of his lungs.

"Clean it up and put it back in, and I don't want any specks of blood on my machine," Mr. C. continued.

"Yessir," the soldiers said in unison.

I thought about how Mr. C declared this machine as his own, even though it had nothing to do with its creation, and I thought about how it would end when Ronin found out about this situation. The latter gave me a little shudder of hope, which helped me continue.

The soldiers wiped me with some toilet paper and took me back to the building and tossed me on the floor in front of the main transmitter and Mr. C.

"You don't look too good. I hope this will be your lesson," Mr C. said sarcastically.

"Yessir," I said humbly.

"Anyway, enough for you, I have some work to do. I want you to program in me as the King of the World," said Mr.C.

"I'm sorry, but it won't work," I said as I looked down and avoided eye contact.

"WHAT WHY!!!" cried Mr.C, his eyes bulging and raising his fist to me.

I quickly replied, "No, it is not my fault, if the central machine intelligence system considers your request to be something that is immoral or irrational or unfair, it rejects the request. I believe that one who becomes king of the world will fall into the category of the unjust. "

"And blowing up a whole baseball stadium is easy?" replied one of the soldiers sarcastically.

"Yes, but no, there may be a reason to blow up a whole baseball stadium," I said.

"Such as?" the soldier asked.

"Aliens," I said.

"And aliens are reasonable …" the soldier said again in a sarcastic tone.

Mr C muttered.

"He's lying sir, just get him to write the script and program it," the soldier said.

"You know you're right. Get in there, Zeke, and do as you were told. So I get off the ground and program in the script Mr. C to be king of the world. Then I swing harder to strap. He connects me and then presses the button to send me, but then the machine beeps and shuts off.

"Try again!" said Mr. angrily.

The soldier then presses the button again, but the machine beeps again and shuts off.

"Arr. If I can't win the war in a day, I guess I'll just have to win a lot of small battles while the ultimate victory is mine," says Mr. K. angrily.

Mr C went on, "and to bring in someone who has half a brain, I need someone to get into this thing and cancel this intelligence system." Then Mr.C left.

Somehow, Ronin and Mandy made it all the way to Montreal, Canada. Now all Ronin had to do was get off the plane and rent a car and then head back to New York. However, after everyone was on their way to get off the plane first, six police officers greeted them in the tunnel.

"Parlez-vous Francais ou Anglais?" asked one of the police officers next to Ronin.

"What?" asked Ronin.

"You two are coming with us," the officer said.

"Why?" asked Ronin.

"Come on, sir, you know what you did illegally and you're now under arrest," the police officer said.

After a few hours of reflection, Mr.C was finally back. He had come up with a plan.

"Listen really good Zeke, I want to invest $ 2 billion into my bank account," said Mr.C.

"I won't work," I said nonchalantly.

"You may want to reject the motives of the self-models and think more about the team," one soldier jokingly said.

"Shut up everyone! I'm the one who gives orders and suggestions here, not you! I don't pay anyone for advice here!" cried Mr.C.

"Collective, very astute," Mr. C said quietly, as he went and sat alone in the corner of the room.

After another hour of thoughtful silence, Mr. C thought of another plan.

"Okay, Zeke, here it is. A program in an army of robots built along the same lines of the fictional Robocop that only my command listens to. Half human, half robot, but highest artificial intelligence. They must be neither good nor evil. "But they are here to protect humanity from all threats. Create 50 of them to be here right now," said Mr.C.

"All right," I said, "when I started programming the script in the main transmitter. When I was done, then I sat in the transmitter, then waved to the soldier to catch me. The soldier then tied me up and sent me, as everything in the visual my perception darkens.

Then I was in the chair again, Mr. C was in one corner of the building, instructing the warrior robots what their job was for tonight. Then one of the warrior robots rushed to my side and said, "Look at Zeke …"

Then I woke up or so I thought I did for a moment. I looked from the side of the room and Mr.C was in one corner of the room to instruct the warrior robots what their job was for the evening. Then one of them rushed to one side and said "look at Zeke."

I answered "look what?"

Then he opened his hand and pointed it at about 250 American soldiers, pressed a button on his chest and suddenly a large wave of fire engulfed them all, leaving nothing but dust in their remains.

The other 250 soldiers stood terrified and no sound was heard in the building. C then clapped slowly, then a few robot warriors followed him, then a few more, and then within no time all the robot warriors clapped in unison with Mr. C. Mr.C then began to laugh. hysterically such a mind-blowing laugh that can only manifest when one realizes that it can no longer be hindered and what you want can no longer be denied by your understanding. I sank my head. What in the name of heaven did I just do?

Now that Mr C was almost ready for battle, there was a spring in his stride and a certain spark in his eye. He approached me as I sat in the transmitter: "I'm so glad I got you Zeke, you really made all my dreams come true." Then he kissed my cheek.

He then turned to his chief engineer, who was working on updating the robot systems.

"Install microphones and cameras on each one," said Mr.C.

"Но сър, това ще ни задържи още 28 часа. Казахте, че искате да са готови до днес", каза инженерът.

"Добре, просто ги инсталирайте в генерал и лейтенанти", каза компрометиращият Mr.C.

Два часа по-късно и след преинсталиране и захранване на всички роботи главният инженер направи страхотното прокламиране,

"Добре, г-н C, ние сме готови да попаднем на улиците."

След 20 минути Mr.C всички роботи бяха подредени в един файл, после Mr.C застана пред всички роботи и произнесе реч,

Вие сте произведения на моите ръце и моите команди са прости. Вие трябва да вкамените, тероризирате и унищожавате всичко, което видите, докато не контролираме Ню Йорк, а след това САЩ и след това света. Сринете всяко полицейско управление, всяка улична банда и просто всяка заплаха, която ни пречи!

След часове Робо Воините започнаха да запалват огъня в града, с повече фойерверки от четвъртия юли. Войните на Робо започват, като отвеждат всички в плен и ги съхраняват в изоставени складове. Също така всяко полицейско управление, което им се виждаше, беше взривено до ковачница. Сега те бяха дългата ръка на закона и господин Ц наблюдаваше камерата на лейтенанта на своя робот и се наслаждаваше на всеки момент от него.

Междувременно в Монреал, Ронан и Манди бяха заседнали в задържаща килия, когато най-накрая бяха повикани да се обадят.

Ронан получи шанса си първо, затова се обади на Зеке, но не получи отговор.

"Това е. Влизаш обратно", каза надзирателят.

– Но никой не отговори – каза Ронан.

"Не ме интересува. Един разговор е всичко, което получавате", каза надзирателят.

„Добре, може ли да използва обаждането ми, тъй като бяха заедно?“ – попита Манди.

Надзирателят замълча и каза: „Добре, още един разговор, а след това нищо повече от вас двамата през останалата част от нощта“.

– Добре – каза Ронан, докато отново набираше внимателно.

Този път Ронан се обади на ръководителя на службата за спешна сигурност на Йодъл Пол Макгвайър. Той беше един от шепа хора, които знаеха за главния предавател. Ако имаше някой, който сега да им помогне, това беше Павел.

"Ронан къде си?" – попита Пол.

"Аз и Манди сме затворени в някакъв затвор тук, в Монреал, Канада", каза Ронан.

"Чакай … какво? Как?" – попита Пол.

"Ами бяхме на почивка и научихме, че главният предавател е откраднат …", каза невъзмутимо Ронан.

"Чакай … какво? Как ???? !!!!!!!" – попита Пол сега, повишавайки глас.

– Да, какво си бил под скала или нещо подобно? – попита Ронан.

Пол замълча за момент, вероятно поглеждайки към актуализация на новините, след което казва: „Предполагам, че това би обяснило появата на тези роботи, които унищожават град Ню Йорк.

– Да – каза Ронан.

– Дръжте – каза Пол, като се отдалечи от телефона за минута.

"Не мога да се хвана за Зеке. Разбрах, че който го е получил, той има и предавателя", продължи Пол.

"Точно както си мислех! Главният предавател няма да създаде нищо, освен ако не е създаден, за да бъде добър. Единственият начин, по който майсторът зад това може да спечели, е като използва доброто да извърши зло. Дълбоко, тези роботи знаят доброто, което те трябва да се прави, просто е да го извадите от тях.

– Е, няма никой по-добър да го направи от теб Ронан – каза Пол.

"Ще отида там в момента, в който изляза", каза Ронан.

"Добре, ще ви върнем два билета от първа класа вкъщи, просто се отправете към летището в Трудо. Нека говоря с надзирателя", каза Пол.

– Добре, благодаря – каза Ронан, движейки се и подавайки телефона на надзирателя.

Пол прекара около 30 секунди в разговор с надзирателя, преди да закачи телефона. След това надзирателят се обърна към Ронан и Манди и каза: "Защо не казахте, че работите за Йодъл. Двама сте свободни да отидете."

На 2 сутринта на следващата сутрин (6 часа по-късно), Ронан най-накрая се отправи към район на Бруклин Ню Йорк, където роботите се готвеха да изстрелят целия взрив.

За щастие полицията ги е прихванала и се опитвала да се намеси, но безрезултатно. Сега това беше противопоставяне между бандата на роботите и цял цял полицейски участък.

Всички стояха през натоварена магистрала с около 20 робота от едната страна, а от другата страна бяха подредени 50 полицаи. Всички партии разполагаха с оръжия.

Ронан отиде до шефа на полицията, който стоеше в единия край на линията и предложи приятелски съвет,

„Знам нещо, което може да улесни живота ни да се справим с тези роботи“, каза Ронан.

"Кое е?" – попита силно любопитният полицай.

"Е, може би не вярвате в това, но те изобщо не са зли. Дълбоко в себе си имат сърце, което работи точно като нашето. Просто трябва да знаете как да комуникирате с тяхната сърцевина", каза Ронан.

– Искате да кажете, че трябва да разсъждавате с тези нечовешки, безпощадни терористи? – попита разочарованият полицай.

– Да – каза Ронан.

"ОК, определено не съм човекът за работата. Те просто взривиха 100 плюс моите колеги, без дори да намигна око", каза полицаят.

– Добре, ще се справя с това – каза Ронан уверено.

– Както желаете – каза полицаят, докато махна на хората си.

Тогава Ронан пресече бариерата с ръце във въздуха. Но Роботите не свалиха никакви оръжия.

"Кой от вас е лидерът?" – изкрещя Ронан, когато се приближаваше към роботите.

"Mr.C е наш господар и лидер, Mr.C е наш господар и лидер", отговориха униформено роботите.

Ронин замълча за момент, когато изрече името на Mr.C. Последният, който беше чул за Mr.C, беше мъртъв. Сега той е този, който командва тези роботизирани войници? Това трябва да означава, че той има главен предавател или е в лига с някой, който го има. Мисията вече беше проста, намерете Mr.C, намерете главния предавател. Задачата за намиране на главния робот, който отговаря, не е толкова проста.

– Добре, кой сред вас е генералът? – попита Ронан.

"Числото 10000 куб.см е нашето общо, числото 10000 куб.см е нашето общо", казаха в унисон роботите.

"Можете ли да го позвъните за мен!" – извика Ронан.

Един от роботите натисна бутон и в рамките на 30 секунди 8-крак робот висок 3 инча влиза в картината на сребърен механичен кон. Той слиза на коня и след това ходи и застава пред Ронин. След това грубо хваща Рони за врата.

Тогава Ронан се задъха и каза: "Не е моето намерение да се бия с теб … Искам само да знам причината да правиш това, което правиш"

"Ние сме лоялни войници, които вършим само работата на нашия господар, г-н C. Той ни възложи моралното прочистване на нацията и точно това правим", казаха 10000 куб.см с бум роботизиран глас, тъй като той пусна врата на Ронан.

– Но не виждате ли, че това, което правите, е грешно? – попита Ронан.

„Грешно?“ Попита 10000 куб.см.

"Ти травмираш, затваряш и убиваш невинни хора. Разрушаваш публична и частна собственост", каза Ронан.

"Как?" попита 10000 куб.см наистина размишлявайки върху твърдението на Ронан.

В същото време Mr.C започна да гледа и слуша видео емисии от 10000 cc. "Кой говори това с моя генерал? И защо не го убие?" – попита г-н C неистово към главния си инженер, който стоеше на бюро наблизо. Инженерът не отговори.

Mr.C погледна по-отблизо в камерата. – Това ли е … Това Ронан ли се намесва отново в бизнеса ми? продължи Mr.C.

"Всички хора, на които сте станали жертва, бяха невинни хора. Те не направиха нищо лошо, но бяхте толкова хванати за мисията на Mr.C, че сте забравили да мислите за себе си", каза искрено Ронан.

Тогава Mr.C може да чуе вътрешния микрофон с мощност 10000 cc, "Ronan млъкни. 10000 cc не го слушайте, взривете го сега 10000 cc вие безполезно парче метал", каза строго Mr.C.

"Да, сър", каза 10000 куб.см, когато вдигна дясната си ръка на Robotic, като в същото време позволи на края на пушка с 12 гейта да замени скования му метален юмрук.

След това 10000 куб.см пауза.

Ронан попита отново: „Не виждаш ли, че това, което правиш, е грешно? Не?“

"Да, ние", каза 10000 куб.см. След това 10000 куб.см натисна сив бутон отстрани на сърцето му.

"Сега всички ние ще се самоунищожим. Това е правилното нещо да направим и вече сме направили толкова много грешки. Ние бяхме създадени да правим добро и не успяхме да направим добро. Благодаря ви, сър Ро-нан", каза 10000 куб. 10000 куб.см след това изтръгна роботизираната си ръка, за да се разклати, докато Ронан се ръкува. След това всички роботи започнаха да се демонтират едновременно, постепенно оставяйки хиляди парчета безформен метал вместо тях.

"КАКВО В … ЧЕСТИТО?" – изкрещя Mr.C, докато гледа как мечтата му се превръща в кошмар. "Моите скъпоценни роботи … всички ги няма", извика той.

След това главният инженер отиде при Mr.C и каза: "Сър, ако мога да ви намеся, вие сте този, който поиска от тях да имат висок ултра изкуствен интелект. В човешкия ум, ако човек има висок изкуствен интелект, когато се сблъска с морална ситуация, при която се изисква да избират правилното или грешното, те винаги ще избират правилното и тези същества са избрали правилното. "

Г-н C не отговори. Той само надникна гневно в далечината, след което изрече: „Ако господството над света изисква постоянство, то постоянството е това, което ще получи“.

"Zekeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee", изкрещя Mr.C в горната част на дробовете си.