Some negative aspects of wildlife tourism

Tourism is portrayed as the best foreign exchange promoter in many countries. In fact, it is a multi-billion industry that offers the best travel and safari deals. The name wildlife tourism means watching animals in the best natural habitat. It covers many countries such as Africa, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Canada, India, South America and others. However, the industry has experienced some downsides, mainly because it is considered to be a nuisance for animals.

Tourism has sometimes been criticized by nature conservationists who have said that major events such as hotels, villas, huts and other tourist gear have really disrupted the lives of animals. They have argued that too much animal habitat interference interferes with feeding and nesting sites. Some have noted that the inspection can scare off the animals or make them very aggressive. This is because some tourist activities occur during a delicate wildlife cycle, such as breeding, when some animals need to be in one place until the season is over.

Tourism must be made friendly to everyone, including wildlife, who have the right to settle wherever they are in the wild. Great care must be taken to ensure that wildlife habitats are not harmed in such a way that the animals & # 39; the cycle will be interrupted. One important aspect is the prevention of mushrooming of homes and hotels in parks. Driving in parks also needs to be controlled to avoid scare animals, and only at the time allotted. When you take care of it, there will be plenty of wildlife to see in the future.

Source by Dickson A Wambugu

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