Haridwar – Hindu holy place

Haridwar, a city in Uttarkhand, is a frequent destination for the Hindu community. It is located on the banks of the Ganges River. From ancient religious books, the location is mentioned many times. The scriptures refer to Haridwar as the place where the nectar, also called Garuda, fell from the bird. This particular place is called Brahma Kund.

One of the most prestigious places in the city is Har ki pauri, where people immerse themselves in water to get rid of sins to achieve salvation. In the evenings you can look at the slides floating in the Ganges where people are praying for their loved ones and loved ones who have gone further.

The climatic conditions in Haridwar are quite pleasant throughout the year. In fact, for this reason and the need for spiritual discourse, many tourists and pilgrims gather in the arena.

There are many hotels in Haridwar with different rates. Neighborhood restaurants and hotels do not promote meat sales. The kitchens are mostly vegetarian, and meat eaters will definitely have to go elsewhere to fill up! Some of the eateries are Mohan's Fast Food Restaurant, Chotiwala Restaurant, Aahar, Sindh Durg Bandar, Motel Rahi Restaurant, Brij Matural Walla to name a few. There is nothing sweeter than pure vegetarian food, which means using animal products.

When it comes to shopping in the area, there are many markets that attract a constant crowd of visitors. Jwalapur is perfect for getting reminders from place to return home with sweets that are simply divine. Moti Bazaar is another place for the ardent devotee to grab a couple of idols, puja items, bracelets, baskets, rudrakshas, ‚Äč‚Äčagarbattis, etc. The government-owned empire of handmade workshops offers the traveler everything they can directly from wood carvings to paintings. , sculptures and other important items.

Nowadays, every psyche has to go back to the basics, keep in touch with nature and draw closer to God. Every religion believes in peace, love and joy. Although many aspects differ in prayer, it is assumed that God is love and that approaching Him for the pilgrims works very well for all. Location

Haridwar was considered the most sacred of the Hindu religion. Thus, many people in the faith are calling for a visit to the center at some point in their lives. There are many temples to visit with a dash when visiting Haridwar. Bharat mata temple, Vasihno devi, Chandi devi, are some who always make an incision for the ardent devotee.

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