Have a great holiday experience – visit Penang

Penang is a prominent city in Malaysia that boasts local delicacies, shopping, leisure, nightlife and attractions. Since I was thinking of a vacation somewhere in South Asia but couldn't decide the exact location, a friend suggested that I visit Penang in Malaysia. On his advice I came to Penang but did not know much about the city. But luckily I met an old Aussie couple at the hotel I was staying at. They have been visiting Penang since 1990 and usually go on holiday twice a year.

They knew every corner and corner of Penang, but nowadays they spend all their time at the resort. They were treated very friendly by the hotel staff and treated all their guests as an extended family.

You will usually find couples simply idle by the pool. Hotels and resorts are available all over the island and prices usually vary depending on the season and the location of the hotel. Just do a quick online search and in seconds you will receive special offers and discount offers. Choose a hotel that offers free shutter services for city landmarks and close to famous shopping malls.

Penena is justifiably famous for its beaches and offers a variety of beach sports. Vigorous people can enjoy paragliding and windsurfing, while others can simply laugh at the deck chair. In addition, there are various botanical gardens, temples and shrines to visit. For those who enjoy nightlife, Penang is the place for them. They can party at night in various nightclubs and discos.

The low cost of living and the tax-friendly system attract foreigners to choose Penang as their second home. As property and rental costs are extremely low compared to other tourist destinations, most foreigners compete to buy their second home in Malaysia.

So if you want to rest and relax after months of hard work, Penang is the best destination you can think of. In addition to its culture and traditions, monuments and tourism, Penang also offers great nightlife, delicious treats and a variety of shopping pleasures. Thanks to the Aussie couple and the friendly hotel staff, I am already looking forward to my next stay in Penang.

Source by Kathlyn Kathie

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