Excursions on the Grand Canyon Bus can add exciting exercise to your Vegas vacation

A trip to the Grand Canyon is a thrilling turn on all Las Vegas holidays, and bus tours provide a great way to experience this magnificent region. More than five million people are attracted to the National Park each year, and many of them don't like to fly or have a limited budget. Fortunately, these travelers can take one of the many bus trips available.

The fabulous Vegas strip is the starting point for most Grand Canyon bus tourists. They usually offer free pick-up and landing services to passengers staying at the Vegas Strip. This is a terrific move because the traffic in Vegas can get messy and if you are driving somebody else it can eliminate a lot of stress. Don't worry if your hotel is not in the lane – you can always get to the cab at the designated pick-up location.

During the Grand Canyon Bus Tour you will see some amazing sights. The closest edge to Las Vegas is Western Rim, which is about 120 miles away. It has, among other things, a magnificent view of the Colorado River, Eagle Point and Guano Point. The Grand Canyon Skywalk (also known as the "Glass Bridge") is also located near West Rim and allows visitors to the canyon to walk 70 feet out of the arc. If you want to experience this unique thrill, add the Skywalk map to your travel package. You will save money by including a travel ticket instead of buying it upon arrival at the park.

Grand Canyon buses can also take you to the Southern rim, more than 275 miles from Vegas. The journey takes 5 ½ hours in each direction, but it is a good time. You will see the same views of Hoover Dam and Lake Med as you would on a West Rim tour, but then head to Kaibab Plateau in Northern Arizona. After you get to the park, you'll see the Grand Canyon Village (the location of El Tovar and Bright Angel Lodge) along with several major sights, such as Mather Point.

Personally, I think one of the best things about Grand Canyon bus tours is that they are included in the price – they have everything you need to truly enjoy the experience. In addition to the Strip hotel pick-up and drop-off service, your bus tour will include lunch. If you prefer to eat in one of the Western or Southern Rim restaurants or snack bars, the prices are reasonable.

Your tour will last all day, no matter which border you visit. The journey from Las Vegas to West Rim takes 2 ½ hours. The journey to the southern edge is 5½ hours and you will not be able to return to the lane until 5pm. 9am in the afternoon. No need to book a show or dinner tonight. You will be too tired to do much, even if you go back in time. Believe me – after this trip you will sleep like a rock!

Grand Canyon trainers provide a great opportunity to explore the canyon with friends and family. Chopper has only 6 seats and airplanes 19, but you may not know everyone on the plane. Grand Canyon coaches are different – they can handle large groups of people traveling together. They are also comfortable. These are luxury coach buses with folding seats, personal climate control, plasma TVs, food trays and an onboard toilet. If that sounds good, I'll see you on the drive from Vegas to the canyon because it's the bus!

Source by Ione Mahler

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