Top 5 UK hotel deals!

These are the five most famous and famous hotels in the UK.

Enclos de l & # 39; Eveche, Boulogne

Considered one of the best hotels in the world, located on the dramatic Boulogne coastline, it offers unparalleled nature adventure with the sea, surf, fish, birds and ferries. Part of a charming old English country with all the comforts, the hotel is in a 19th-century townhouse style; it is huge and it has various themed bedrooms. Among the most popular are Egypt and the Far East.

Les Tourelles, Picardy

Considered to be the most stylish and modern market building in history, this hotel was once home to the famous perfumer Pierre Gerlain. This white and white building overlooks the lavish garden leading to the beach. The Belgian couple are lovingly performing and have a huge bird love that is perfectly placed in the nature of the Somme estuary. This is a relatively inexpensive hotel because you can share amenities and there is even a hostel.

Hotel Jean de Bruges, Picardy

This is another historic hotel, Hotel Jean de Bruges, a fine example of 15th century white stone houses. It is adjacent to a gorgeous abbey church with a charming fa├žade and timeless and simple style. There are many naked stone walls and wooden floors that are maintained in good condition even after more than five hundred years.

Auberge de la Bonne Ide, Picardy

This atmospheric hotel has rich gardens, a forest, and every room has periodic features such as fireplaces and ceilings. Located just an hour from Paris, the world is very popular with diverse and aristocratic families, and the rooms are bright, with open fire and restaurants with the most delicious wine and food.

Clos Raymi, Champagne

This impressive hotel is located in the picturesque surroundings of Champagne. The main building is a white stone and brick building with unofficial layout, yet there is an unparalleled welcoming atmosphere. The hotel has been refurbished in recent years so it has all the modern touch and also has some of the coolest rooms and amenities.

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