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Elected libertarians Nationwide

Congressman Jeff Flake of Arizona is the most libertarian member of the US Congress.  He has won the distinguished Liberty Index, which rates the US House for the past 3 years with scores of 90 each time.  Flake is also a great humanitarian and supporter of democracy causes around the globe. 


Christopher Cox, Chairman, Securities & Exchange Commission

Gerald Reynolds, Chairman, US Commission on Civil Rights

Paul Atkins, Commissioner, Securities & Exchange Commission

Lynn Scarlett, Deputy Secretary, US Dept. of the Interior

Eric Dondero, Selective Service Board, Houston Region

Thomas L. Knapp, Selective Service Board, St. Louis Region

Vinnie Marotta, Selective Service Board, Connecticut



*Tim Cowles, Madison City Council



Governor Sarah Palin

State Senator & Senate President Lyda Green (Wasilla)

State Rep. Anna Fairclough (Eagle River-Anchorage)

State Rep. John Coghill

State Rep. Vic Kohring (Wasilla)

*Sara Chambers, Juneau Assembly (City Council)



State Rep. Daniel Greenberg (Little Rock)

Mayor Frank Gilbert, Tull



Congressman Jeff Flake

Congressman John Shadegg

State Senator Dean Patterson

*John Buttrick, Superior Court Judge, Maricopa County

*Note - Arizona has 7 other Libertarian Party members serving on Zoning Boards and as other Appointees.


Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (Orange County)

Congressman Ed Royce (Orange County)

State Senator Tom McClintock (Ventura County)

State Assmb. Martin Garrick

New! State Assmb. Mike Villines, Clover

New! Orange County Commissioner John Moorlach

*Tom Tryon, Calveras County Supervisor

*Judge Robert Gray, Orange County Superior Court

*Allan Monsoor, Costa Mesa Mayor

Bonnie Flickinger, Moreno Valley City Council

New!! Kermit Marsh, Westminster City Council

*Bob Mayon, Three Peaks Mountain City Council

*Parke L. Boneysteele, Central Costa County Sanitary Dist. Board

*Sandra Brittian, Newberry Community Services District

*Maria Smithson, W. Covina City Treasurer

*Jack Hickey, Sequoia Health District Board

*Jim Gardener, Georgina Health District Board

*Norm "Firecracker" Westwall, Ocean View School Board, Orange Cty.

Bill Evers, Santa Clara County School Board

*James Guadagni, Liberty School Board, Tulare Cty.

*Helen Heyden, Santa Ynez Valley Planning Advisory Comm.

*Susan Kleiman, Benicia Economic Redevelopment Board

*Gordon Martindale, Pinedale Public Utility District

*Philip Nelson, Lakeside Joint School District

*Kate O'Brien, Rancho Simi Rec & Parks District

*Verne Skjonsby, Pacific Union School District

*Robert Stadum, Hi-Desert Water District

*William Stevens, Majestic Pines Community Services District

*Will Wennerholm, McKinleyville Community Services District

*Marguerite Kaufman, Skyline County Water District

*Note - Over 80 Libertarian Party members serve in local public offices throughout the state.  For a complete list


State Senator Shawn Mitchell

Doug Bruce, County Commissioner

*William Masters, San Miguel County Sheriff

*Doug Anderson, Lakewood City Council

*Lisa Dowdney, Leadville City Council

*Carol Hill, Leadville City Council

*Mike Kein, Oak Creek Town Trustee

New!! Joe Johnson, Frederick Town Council Trustee



State Sen. Dan Debicella

Peter Crumbine, Greenwich Board of Selectman

William Road, Windham Board of Selectmen

Steven Edelman, Windham Zoning Board

Ken Mosher, Board of Education, Region 8


Congressman Tom Feeney (Orlando)

Congressman Vern Buchanan (Tampa)

Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp

Randall Holcombe, Governor's Council of Economic Advisors

State Senator Mike Haridopolos (Orlando)

State Rep. Bob Allen (Meritt Island)

Palm Bay Deputy Mayor Andy Anderson

New!! Dave Autrey, Loxahatchee City Council

New!! Dennis Lipp, Loxahatchee City Council

Earle Smith, Flagler Cty. Soil & Water Board

New!! **Austin Cassidy, Duval Cty. Soil & Water Board

*Note - The Libertarian Party of Florida has over 40 locally elected and appointed officials, many of whom serve on Soil & Water Conservation Boards and Planning Commissions in areas such as Pinellas and Palm Beach Countys.


New!! Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle

State Senator David Shafer

Dade County Executive Ben Brandon

*Note - Brandon was first elected on the Libertarian Party ticket, but switched to Republican.


The New Fiscal Conservative Team in the Massachusetts Legislature.  State Rep. Jeff Perry, State Sen. Bob Hedlund and State Rep. Vinny DeMacedo.



State Senator Sam Slom


Governor Butch Otter

New!!  State Senator Shirley McCague, Mer



*Alma Read, Cook County School Board

*Note - Over 20 other Libertarian Party members serve in local appointed and elected offices in the State, mostly in the Chicago area.



New!! Tom Diddier, Ft. Wayne City Council

*Susan Bell, Liberty Township Judge

*Conley Tillson, Clay Township Board

*Steve Coffman, Liberty Township Advisory Board

*Susan Pyle, Union City Council

*Russell Reichard, Union City Council

*Jay Thompson, Gosport City Council

*Darreb Nolan, Universal City Council


*Roger Fritz, Mayor, Roland

New!! *Mark Nelson, Chairman, Davenport Parks & Rec Board


State Rep. Clay Aurand, House Majority Leader

*Frederick Campbell, Anderson County District Attorney

*John Brewer, Gueda Springs City Council

*Note - 4 other Libertarian Party members serve appointees to local boards and committees throughout Kansas.


*Charles Norwood, Rapides Water Board


*Joseph Harrington, Brunswick City Council

*Note - 5 Other Libertarian Party serve in local public offices in Maryland.


State Senator Bob Hedlund (Weymouth)

New!! State Rep. Vinny DeMacedo

New!! State Rep. Jeff Perry

*Note -  Senator Hedlund, is one of the original members of the MA RLC.  He is closely aligned with his friends Reps DeMacedo and Perry in the Legislature. 7 Libertarian Party members also serve in local boards and committees in the State.



State Rep. Jack Brandenburg (St. Clair Shores)

Macomb County Commissioner Leon Drolet

**Martin Howrylak, Troy City Council

*Erin Stahl, St. Clair Shores City Council

*Bill Bradley, S. Haven City Council

*Andy LeCureaux, Hazel Park City Council

*Mark Owen, Owosso City Council

*Note - 10 more Libertarian Party members serve as appointed members of local boards and committees throughout Michigan.


*Robert Babione, New Prague City Council

*Mark Thorsted, Ostego City Council

*Mary O'Connor, Brooklyn Center City Council

*Note - At least 10 other Libertarian Party members serve in various local boards and committees throughout Minnesota.


**Mike Chambers, Polkeville City Council


New!!   *Doug Burlison, Springfield City Council

*Mike Bozarth, St. Joseph City Council

*Karl Timmerman, Holden City Council

*Note - Missouri has 7 other Libertarian Party members who have been elected or appointed to local office throughout the State.


State Senator Joe Balyeat (Bozeman)

**State Senator Jerry O'Neil (Kallispell)

State Rep. Scott Sayles, House Majority Leader

State Rep. Scott Mendenhall (Clancy)

State Rep. Roger Koopman (Bozeman)

Granite County Sheriff Stephen Immenschuh

**Andy Lochridge, Phillipsburg City Council


State Senator Bob Beers



US Senator John Sununu

State Rep. DJ Bettencourt, (Caucus Chair)

State Rep. Jason Bedrick

State Rep. Paul Ingbretson

State Rep. Jordan Ulrey

State Rep. Dan Itse

State Rep. Al Baldasaro

State Rep. Steve Villaincourt

***Stephen Davis, Wentworth Town Moderator

*Note - Rep. DJ Bettencourt is leader of the New Hampshire Alliance, a group of libertarian/conservatives in the Legislature.  All listed Reps. are aligned with the Alliance.  New Hampshire also has over 20 locally elected Libertarian Party members who serve on town committees and local boards.


*Note - 15 Libertarian Party members serve around the state in various local offices, including: boards of education, zoning and planning boards.



New! Dr. Candace de Russey, Trustee, State Univ. of NY

*John Cain, Clarkstown Planning Board

*James Fuller, Middle Cty. School Dist. Budget Comm.

*Deborah Martin, Longwood School Dist. Budget Comm.

*Note - 5 other Libertarian Party members serve as appointed officials on local committees throughout the State. 



T.J. Rohr, Lenoir City Council

Bill Lack, Asheville Civic Center Commission

*Note - The NC Libertarian Party has two elected Soil & Water Board members.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, is one of the most popular Governors in America and one of the Top Rising Stars of the Republican Party.  Gov. Palin, a solid libertarian leaning Republican, has already introduced and backed numerous tax cuts for business and working class Alaskas, including repeal of the much-hated taxes on working families. 


New!!  Steve Contrell, Mayor, Nevada City

New!! *Jim Young, Reno Neighborhood Advisory Board 


Dr. Candace de Russey, Trustee, State Univ. of NY

*John Cain, Clarkstown Planning Board

*James Fuller, Middle Cty. School Dist. Budget Comm.

*Deborah Martin, Longwood School Dist. Budget Comm.

*Note - 5 other Libertarian Party members serve as appointed officials on local committees throughout the State.



State Rep. David Monson



US Senator Tom Coburn

State Sen. Randy Brogdon

State Rep. Charles Key

State Rep. Jason Murphey


State Rep. Tom Brinkman (Cincinnati)

*Nicholas Hogan, Gahanna City Council

*John McAllister, Gahanna City Council

*Paul Green, President, Northside Community Council

*Scott Urquhart, Lincoln Township Zoning Board

*Robert Butler, Olentangy School Funding Comm. 

*Note - Although a Republican, the Libertarian Party recognizes Rep. Brinkman as the leading  "libertarian" in the Ohio Legislature.



State Senator Gary George

*Andrew Leckie, Mayor, Spray

*Jerry Blank, Prineville City Council

*Donald McDaniel, Port of Astoria Commissioner

*Note - Oregon has over 20 additional locally elected and appointed Libertarians serving in public office.


State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe

*Note - The Libertarian Party has over 20 locally elected non-partisan officeholders statewide, many as local Election Precinct Judges. 



US Attorney Bradford Gorham


*Bea Jones, Hardeeville City Council


US Senator John Thune


*Heather Scott, Wilson County Commission

*Mike Sexton, Union County Commission

*Henry Boscher, Roxobel City Council

*Harry Hogdon, Collegdale City Commission


**US Congressman Ron Paul (Lake Jackson)

State Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson

Houston City Councilman Michael Berry

Harris County (Houston) Treasurer Paul Bettencourt

Galveston County Commissioner Ken Clark

*James Cline, Mayor, Petrolia

*Pat Dixon, Lago Vista City Council

*Kevin Anderson, Anna City Council

*Note - Numerous Libertarian Party members serve on local boards and committees throughout the State.


State Rep. Cola Hudson

*Andy Hooper, Montpelier City Council

*Note - Vermont has over 20 locally elected and appointed Libertarian Party members including Town Selectmen, Town Moderators, and Town Auditors.


*Bob Bromley, Mayor, Sumas

*Debbie Raphee, Kent City Council

*Derek Young, Gig Harbor City Council

*Bill North, South Cle Elum City Council

*Note - Washington State has over 20 elected and appointed Libertarian Party members who serve in various public offices around the State.


*Hon. Jacob Burns, State Election Board

State Rep. Frank Lasee (Green Bay)

State Rep. Jeff Wood (Chippewa Falls)

New! Robert Dobbs, Manitowoc County Supervisor, Dist. 24

*Ed Thompson, Tomah City Council

*Note - Wisconsin has over 30 locally elected Libertarian Party members on various town committees and local boards.



State Senator Cale Case, Lander


*Note - All libertarians listed have been elected as Republicans, unless otherwise noted. *Signifies that the individual was elected solely on the Libertarian Party ticket. ** Signifies that the individual claims both Libertarian Party and Republican Party Membership or was elected under both Party banners. *** Signifies that the officeholder was elected as a Non-partisan or as an Independent.


 How do we define an Elected libertarian?

This list includes elected officials nationwide who have demonstrated that they are in general agreement with libertarian principles, have self-identified themselves as "libertarians" and/or are affiliated or friendly with libertarian groups such as the Republican Liberty Caucus, Americans for Limited Government, Americans for Tax Reform, Cato Institute, Club for Growth or the Libertarian Party. High priority is placed on whether an elected official explicitly identifies themselves as a "libertarian," or attends (speaks at), an explicitly libertarian function such as a Libertarian Party, Republican Liberty Caucus or Cato Institute convention or conference.  An elected officials scores on various indexes such as from the National Taxpayers Union, and most especially the RLC's Liberty Index, also plays a large role in designation as an "elected libertarian."








State Senator Tom McClintock of Ventura County, is California's leading Budget Hawk.  Senator McClintock is a longtime libertarian Republican and Advisory Board member of the Republican Liberty Caucus.  There's been recent speculation that he may seek a future Congressional seat.   







Tomah City Councilman and former Mayor Ed Thompson is one of the longest serving elected officials of the Libertarian Party.  He's rumored to be considering a Presidential run on the LP ticket for 2008. (Behind the seated Ed Thompson is his brother fmr. Gov. Tommy Thompson.) 



Published by Eric Dondero, CEO Pro-America Political Campaigns, Houston, TX 979-799-7077

Florida State Senator Mike Haridopolous of Orlando, with his wife Stephanie Brennan, MD at a campaign event.  The Senator was a guest speaker at the 2006 Republican Liberty Caucus National Convention in Orlando.  He is one of the leading libertarian conservatives in the Florida Legislature. 







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